Los Angeles’s Most Trusted Hearing Care Experts

The Team of Doctors of Audiology That is Trusted by
Thousands of Patients, State-Wide Physicians, Local
Organizations, and National Universities

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Los Angeles’s Most Trusted Hearing Care Experts

The Team of Doctors of Audiology That is Trusted by Thousands of Patients, State-Wide Physicians, Local Organizations, and National Universities

A big misconception that many people make is that they believe hearing loss is a sign that they’re broken.

Yet after caring for thousands of patients for over 20 years, the truth is that hearing loss is often a sign that you have lived a fast-paced, experience-rich life that your ears have struggled to keep up with.

At Pacific Hearing, Inc., we have the pleasure of caring for the hearing health of fascinating people, hearing their stories, and helping them to address their hearing challenges to continue to bring their differences to the world.

Through a methodical best-practices process developed by highly decorated audiologist Dr. Gregory Frazer, we’re trusted by physicians, hospitals, local organizations, and universities as the most respected hearing care experts in Los Angeles.

With the “Hear as Good as You’ll Ever Hear” guarantee and our thorough “test drive” process, you’ll not only work with a highly-regarded team, but you’ll also be confident that you’ll achieve the best possible outcome.

If you have a question or need any help, then you can request a callback through this website or call our friendly expert team at (310) 909-0180.

How We Can Help?

Elderly woman wearing mask having her ears checked

Why Regularly Testing Your Hearing is So Important

Hearing loss is the third most common physical condition behind arthritis and heart disease, according to a recent report by John Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health.

Yet although we all regularly have our cholesterol checked, a yearly physical, and even regularly have our eyes tested, hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

With the World Health Organization predicting that cases of global hearing loss are going to double by 2050, we’re incredibly passionate about raising awareness for the importance of regularly testing your hearing.

With hearing loss happening gradually and slowly, it’s rare to notice any day-to-day changes, with no way to compare to what your hearing was once like. This is the reason that our loved ones often notice our hearing challenges before we do.

If you are concerned about your hearing or a loved one’s hearing, then your first step should be to have an advanced hearing test. It’s quick, non-invasive, and you’ll receive the results immediately.

Widex hearing aids

Why Today’s Hearing Technolgy is Distinctively Different to What many People Remember

Although hearing aids are only part of the puzzle of achieving better hearing, they’re the part that prevents many people from moving forward to address their hearing challenges.

With hearing technology historically having a stigma for the large, clunky devices you may remember your grandparents wearing, some people choose to continue to live a limited life out of fear of becoming a hearing aid wearer.

Yet in today’s world, hearing technology is significantly different to what many people remember.

The latest technology is small, discreet, and, in some cases, even invisible. In fact, it’s highly likely that you have friends, loved ones, or colleagues that are hearing aid wearers and you have never even noticed.

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Helping Los Angeles with Their Dizziness and Balance Challenges

Until you have experienced dizziness or vertigo, you never realize how debilitating and confidence-shattering it can be.

Whether you’re lying in bed and have a sudden sensation of the room spinning or you are finding yourself falling or losing your balance randomly, it’s an occurrence that can result in you wanting to isolate and spend less time socializing or outside of your places of comfort.

The most common reason for this is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), which is a common form of balance disturbance that originates in the inner ear.

With a team of advanced doctors of audiology, we have a leading track record for helping patients with these challenges and helping them to get back to their normal selves.

With many physicians throughout Los Angeles referring balance challenges to us, we’re able to help or guide you with any challenges that you may be facing.

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Addressing your hearing challenges or a loved one’s hearing is a difficult decision to make, with many options available to you and lots of conflicting information.

That’s why we have a team of hearing experts on hand to help.

Simply complete the form and one of our experts will call you for a friendly no-obligation conversation to answer your questions and offer you their experienced guidance.

Patient Stories

This is Sarah's Story...

Sarah is the captain of the USA National Deaf Women’s Volleyball team, an actress, motivational speaker and a popular YouTuber that signs songs which have gotten recognition from Lin Manuel Miralda from Hamilton, and The Greatest Showman.

Sarah lost her hearing when she was three years old when was misdiagnosed and operated on by a surgeon that severed a facial nerve, paralyzing the right side of her face and resulting in her instantly losing her hearing.

After seeing many audiologists throughout her life, she was introduced to Dr. Gregory Frazer at Pacific Hearing Inc. when she was 18 by her grandma who had been a long-standing patient.

This is Dr. Rachelefsky's Story...

Dr. Rachelefsky was the director of the Executive Care Center for Asthma, Allergy, and Respiratory Diseases, professor of allergy and immunology, and associate director of the Allergy-Immunology Training Program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

He was president of the Respiratory and Allergic Disease Foundation and has been a principal investigator of multiple clinical trials. He is the author or co-author of more than 160 peer-reviewed publications dealing with allergy, respiratory disorders, and immunology and has personally treated between 80,000 and 100,000 patients in his 40 years in medicine.

This is Dr. Beroukhim's Story...

Dr. Beroukhim is an internal medicine physician. She immigrated to America due to an infection, which resulted in her losing much of her hearing. She first visited Dr. Greg, as he was one of the only audiologists on Los Angeles’s list that she could use her UCLA insurance with.

Although she previously had another audiologist, Dr. Beroukhim shared how Dr. Greg’s strong scientific background makes him stand out from the others. “In my experience, most of the audiologists I have worked with are kind people, understanding, and while they’re good at what they do, Dr. Greg has a strong scientific background.”

This is David's Story...

David is a highly renowned lawyer that practiced law in California for approximately 50 years, starting his career as a prosecuting attorney with one of his most landmark cases being People v. Cohen, during the Vietnam War. Upon leaving the government, he went on to run a successful litigation practice for around 20 years.

Following the adoption of his second child, David realized how much he enjoyed the life-changing and rewarding process and switched careers to adoption and surrogacy, helping approximately 3,000 families to adopt a baby across the United States. His first experience of a hearing challenge was in 2000, when he first realized that he had to adjust his television set to a much higher volume than the rest of his family. 

This is Cheyenne's Story...

Cheyenne is a 21-year-old student that has been seeing Dr. Greg since seventh grade. Her first encounter with Dr. Greg was different from what she had normally experienced with other audiologists, having had hearing challenges since fourth grade, and numerous hearing assessments.

She shared how she “learned the system”, commenting on how memorization of speech tests became her way of outsmarting the system. Dr. Greg realized what she was doing, challenged her, and helped to ensure the tests were accurate, unlike previous audiologists. When asked why Cheyenne continues to see Dr. Greg after ten years of being a patient, she said he is “like family”.  


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