How Dr. Greg’s Help for a 21-Year Old College Student Has Influenced Her Career Path Towards Audiology


Cheyenne is a 21-year-old student that has been seeing Dr. Greg since seventh grade.

Her first encounter with Dr. Greg was different to what she had normally experienced with other audiologists, having had hearing challenges since fourth grade, and numerous hearing assessments. She shared how she “learned the system”, commenting on how memorization of speech tests became her way of outsmarting the system.

Dr. Greg realized what she was doing, challenged her and helped to ensure the tests were accurate, unlike previous audiologists.

When asked why Cheyenne continues to see Dr. Greg after ten years of being a patient, she said he is “like family”. She added that “It is rare to find someone that takes the time during every visit to review hearing levels; what strategies I could or should be using in school and what technologies are available.”

In her words, “Dr. Frazer always goes above and beyond what you would ever expect him to do. He’ll do whatever it takes to make you successful. Recently, with my new hearing aids, he actually loaned me a similar set for two months to make sure that they would work for me. In the end, we actually decided on using a slightly different model that had better noise quality for about the same price.

“Throughout school, he has helped identify and advocate for accommodations and services that would help me succeed. He and his staff really helped my parents in navigating the insurance companies and their reluctance to want to pay for hearing aid equipment. Basically we would get the hearing aids first and then they would figure out how to get them covered.”

Cheyenne also shared how Dr. Greg has impacter her future career plans & has just been accepted into the Aud program to get her Doctor of Audiology degree. Cheyenne decided that she wanted to help people like herself who have a hearing loss.

“He always encouraged me to pursue a path in audiology, because he said I understand people with the disability and we need more people who understand first hand. You relate better when you have the disability to people who also have it, so you can help people easier.”

When asked what her advice would be to somebody that is considering visiting Pacific Hearing Inc. – Cheyenne advised:

“You won’t find a better, more caring doctor and staff than the ones at Pacific Hearing.”

“He’ll do whatever it takes to make you successful”

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