In today’s day and age, there are an incredible amount of resources and tools available to support the hard of hearing community.

Hearing aids are just one of them. Technological features such as Bluetooth have enabled individuals to connect hearing aids to personal and professional devices allowing day-to-day routines and business to carry on seamlessly. However, as too many people already know, technology is far from perfect.

Fortunately, Pacific Hearing, Inc. is here to help with any of your Bluetooth connection concerns and hearing aid problems. Find out what has been going on with Apple’s iPhone sound quality and how my team and I can assist you or your loved one.

iPhone Devices Have Been Experiencing Troubling Sound Quality Issues

Shortly after the release of the 12th generation device, it became evident that something was off. Individuals with hearing loss reported many issues with sound quality through the hearing aids’ Bluetooth connections.

I can only imagine the frustration hearing aid users must have felt when they began experiencing some of these sound quality issues.

One of Apple’s forums confirmed the unfortunate matter. One of the comments in the discussion explained:

Ever since upgrading from my iPhone 11 Max to my iPhone 12 Max, my ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids are having connection and quality issues.  I’m experiencing a lot of static and in general a touchy connection where one or both ears will cut sound.  Often times just turning my head sometimes cuts out sound from one ear.  It seems the iPhone needs to be VERY close to work as well, the distance (like laying on my desk) causes increased static and stability issues.  Anyone else having a similar issue?

As it turned out, many people were having similar hearing aid issues, but the reasoning behind the problem was still uncertain. Many individuals believed the issue was linked to the 12th generation device, but comments and reports revealed that later versions of the iPhone were suddenly being affected as well.

This led Apple to look at the latest software update the electronic device rolled out for users.

Has Apple Fixed the Issue Behind the Hearing Aid Connection?

In short, the problem with the iPhone devices is still not fixed. When Apple was made aware of the issue, they released an announcement and informed users that updating any iPhone to iOS 14.2.1 would successfully take care of the problem.

However, that was not the case. Apple is still struggling to solve the concerning issue after the problems continue to persist with iOS 14.3.1.

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Sofiya Krauss

Dr. Sofiya Krauss received her Doctorate in Audiology from A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ in 2012 and her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ in 2007. During her graduate studies, Dr. Krauss interned at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the Children’s Rehabilitation Center where she provided treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to children with disabilities. She also participated in the Barrow Children’s Cleft and Cranial Facial Center meetings where she presented numerous case studies to the foremost experts on neurological disorders.