Persona Hearing Aids

A little more than fifty years ago, Persona Medical delivered its first analogue hearing aids, kicking off a journey that included the development of SpeechPro, the world’s first automated real ear fitting system, and VCOM, the world’s first voice recognition programming.

Persona has remained at the forefront of technological innovations, allowing them to deliver more than one million hearing aids.

Additional characteristics of Persona Medical is our Award-Winning Customer Service, which includes our personal touch, convenience, and support for each customer.

By providing an ever-increasing diversity of hearing health services, Persona Medical strives to remain out front in product development with innovative instruments to accommodate today’s active lifestyles.

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Persona Processing Technology

The capacity to improve listening comfort during a conversation in a noisy environment is dealt with by using Persona’s Dynamic Speech Enhancement Compression system. Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, also applied to the reproduction of music, is among the major innovations in processing technology developed by Persona.

Their traditional BTE and RIC style devices feature Null Tracking Adaptive Directional Microphones, the Auto Switching Telephone pick-up, All In One Speech Enhancement, and VoicePro software to help improve conversation clarity.

Their more powerful BTE digital instruments utilize Trimmer Control to overcome feedback and distortion issues to provide total frequency response adjustment and provide solutions to clarity issues for individuals with the most profound levels of hearing loss.

Hearing aid models by Persona

Persona Hearing Aids Features

Features of Persona hearing aids include a moisture barrier and a multi-functional rocker style switch to enhance user flexibility and convenience.

Persona’s TeleSolutions app, in combination with FocusMic Systems, helps improve speech comprehension in noisy environments to enhance the overall hearing experience while making it possible for users to provide feedback and receive programming upgrades from their hearing care provider without the need for an in-office consultation.

Hearing Care from Pacific Hearing, Inc. Is Focused on You

A big misconception many people have about hearing care is that the technology is what makes the difference. Although advanced prescription hearing aids from Persona are among the tools we use to improve your hearing, partnering with the right team of audiologists makes the difference when it comes to a lifetime of better hearing.

For more than 20 years, Pacific Hearing, Inc. has partnered with thousands of individuals in Los Angeles and nearby communities to accurately diagnose their hearing challenges and start an ongoing journey of hearing care that not only has them hearing better but also helps them reconnect with loved ones and enjoy an active, more independent lifestyle.

Along with our “Hear as Good as You’ll Ever Hear” guarantee and our thorough “test drive” process that places the focus on providing each patient with the best possible outcomes to address their unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle, we sell, fit, and repair advanced prescription hearing aids from major manufacturers like Persona, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, and more.

If you believe advanced technology hearing aids are the best solution to overcome your hearing challenges, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our hearing aid experts by using the adjacent form.

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