ReSound Hearing Aids

Originally Danavox, the company’s first hearing aid was released in 1947. After GN Store Nord purchased Danavox in 1977, GN Store Nord, which also owns Beltone, began producing hearing aids with the ReSound trademark in 1984, releasing its first hearing aid that utilized digital processing in 1992.

As part of the GN Group, a leader in the worldwide distribution of hearing aids in 80 countries around the globe, ReSound plays a lead role as the group’s innovation leader, conducting medical, professional, and consumer audio solutions research in order to develop, manufacture, and distribute med-tech, hearables, and intelligent audio products.

Testimony to the company’s commitment to provide their hearing aid users with advanced hearing care solutions is seen in their guiding philosophy, “Rediscovering your hearing leads to a richer, more active, and fulfilling lifestyle.”

The open-standard digital chip technology and improved programming flexibility, which first became available in 2003 with the release of the ReSound AIR open fit design, are among ReSound’s leading innovations, providing users with a more natural sound while limiting the discomfort of a plugged ear canal.

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ReSound Processing Technology

In order to keep nature and science in perfect harmony, ReSound developed the concept of Organic Hearing, designed to work with the unique anatomy of your ear and mimic how sounds are naturally collected and delivered to your brain where meaning is derived.

Organic Hearing led to the development and production of the most intuitive and natural sounding hearing aids that deliver the whole sound picture so your hearing aids fit your lifestyle rather than fitting your life around your hearing challenges.

Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) allows users to select the sounds they want to hear and tone down the ones they don’t by adjusting sound input intensity, while Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS) technology eliminates issues with feedback (howling) and distortion.

A hearing aid model by ReSound

ReSound Hearing Aids Features

Making adjustments to challenging and fluid listening environments is now easier than ever with ReSound hearing aids, which provide more natural sound, thanks to open-fit delivery that also eliminates wind noise and noise dampening technology that helps improve clarity in noisy environments or when there are multiple speakers present.

Quick charging for up to three days of hearing aid use is among ReSound’s most celebrated convenience features, while the capacity to link your hearing aids directly to iPhone, Android, or other digital devices by using Bluetooth technology is another standard feature included with ReSound hearing aids.

The Remote Assist app also enhances the user’s hearing aid experience by facilitating communication with the manufacturer and/or your hearing care provider for troubleshooting, programming support, or counseling without the need for an in-office appointment.

Hearing Care from Pacific Hearing, Inc. Is Focused on You

A big misconception many people have about hearing care is that the technology is what makes the difference. Although advanced prescription hearing aids from ReSound are among the tools we use to improve your hearing, partnering with the right team of audiologists makes the difference when it comes to a lifetime of better hearing.

For more than 20 years, Pacific Hearing, Inc. has partnered with thousands of individuals in Los Angeles and nearby communities to accurately diagnose their hearing challenges and start an ongoing journey of hearing care that not only has them hearing better but also helps them reconnect with loved ones and enjoy an active, more independent lifestyle.

Along with our “Hear as Good as You’ll Ever Hear” guarantee and our thorough “test drive” process that places the focus on providing each patient with the best possible outcomes to address their unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle, we sell, fit, and repair advanced prescription hearing aids from major manufacturers like ReSound, Rexton, Signia, Sivantos, and more.

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