Sonic Hearing Aids

A group of scientists and engineers with specializations in sonar systems, digital mastering, and microelectronics came together more than 20 years ago to establish Sonic hearing aids. Using digital technology and the latest microchip manufacturing techniques, they were able to create their first completely digital hearing aid that fit inside the human ear in 1998.

Sonic has grown to become a well-known hearing aid producer over the past couple of decades by applying their 4S approach to the design and production of hearing aid technology:

  • Sound that is natural
  • Speech clarity in noise
  • Simplicity in design
  • Style that stands out

Sonic has more than a dozen international offices and works with nearly 30 distribution centers worldwide.

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Sonic Hearing Aids Features

Already in place when the Sonic brand launched, digital signal processing (DSP) technology was behind the production of the Natura computer chip used in their hearing aids, which made it possible to distinguish between conversations and background noise by using an innovative nine-channel system.

Their sound processing capabilities made Sonic the only hearing aids that can be programmed in half-octave increments, allowing hearing care providers to dial in on your exact hearing profile in order to deliver a higher level of sound clarity while addressing various user-specific hearing challenges.

Available in BTE, ITE, ITC, mini-canal (MC), and CIC styles, Sonic hearing aids come with either standard batteries or rechargeable configurations and include iPhone and Android connectivity capabilities.

With SoundLink Connect, Sonic hearing aid wearers can provide listening experience feedback to the manufacturer or their hearing care provider in order to receive real-time fitting, programming, and adjustment support from anyplace in the world that has an internet connection.

A hearing aid model by Sonic

Hearing Repair Service Focused on You

Many people believe that the technology makes all the difference when it comes to hearing care. Advanced prescription hearing aids, like those manufactured by Sonic, are among the tools we have available to help improve your hearing, but partnering with the right team of audiologists is what really ensures a lifetime of better hearing.

Troubleshooting, maintenance, and hearing aid repair are a part of our “Hear as Good as You’ll Ever Hear” guarantee, so our hearing aid repair experts are eager to address any of the problems you’re having with hearing aids manufactured by Sonic as well as those from Audibel, Audina, Bernafon, Siemens, or any of the brands we sell.

If you need some help with troubleshooting, maintenance, or hearing aid repair, our hearing aid repair professionals have the training, experience, and equipment to have your hearing aids performing at their best possible level. Just contact us to schedule a hearing aid repair appointment with one of our experts by using the adjacent form.

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