Why Bringing a Companion to Your Hearing Appointment Is Invaluable

Why Bringing a Companion to Your Hearing Appointment Is Invaluable

by | Nov 19, 2023 | Patient Resources

Navigating the journey to better hearing can be as complex as the sounds we strive to hear more clearly. It’s a path often best traveled with a companion—a friend, family member, or spouse—who can offer invaluable support. 

Let’s explore why bringing someone along to your hearing appointments can make all the difference. 

The Strength of Support 

The process of addressing hearing loss is more than a clinical journey; it’s an emotional one. 

Having someone you trust by your side can provide the comfort and encouragement needed when making decisions about hearing aids. This person becomes your ally, helping to absorb information, ask critical questions, and remember the advice given by your hearing care professional. 

A Second Perspective 

Your companion offers a second set of ears – not just literally but in terms of perspective. They can share observations about your hearing challenges that you may not have noticed, contributing to a fuller picture of your hearing health. 

And when it’s time to assess the effectiveness of hearing aids, their insights can be instrumental in determining whether the devices meet the needs of your real-world listening environments. 

Setting Realistic Expectations 

Misunderstandings about what hearing aids can do often lead to unmet expectations. A companion can help manage these expectations by understanding the limitations and capabilities of hearing technology. 

They become a partner in setting realistic goals and celebrating the improvements that do come, big or small. 

The Companion’s Journey 

The impact of hearing loss isn’t solitary; it reverberates through your relationships. By involving your companion in appointments, they gain a deeper appreciation of what you’re experiencing. 

This shared understanding can alleviate frustrations, prevent miscommunications, and strengthen your bond.

Encouraging Commitment 

When your companion is involved from the start, they’re more invested in your commitment to better hearing. They can encourage you to practice using your hearing aids and remind you of the strategies your hearing care provider suggests, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. 

Emotional and Moral Support 

The presence of a companion can also offer moral support. It’s easier to face the challenges of hearing loss and the adjustments to new hearing aids when you have a supportive partner. They provide a level of emotional support that goes beyond the technical aspects of hearing care. 

How to Make the Most of a Companion at Your Appointment 

When you decide to bring someone along, here are a few tips to ensure their presence is as beneficial as possible:  

  • Prep Together: Discuss any concerns or questions you both have beforehand. 
  • Active Participation: Encourage your companion to be actively involved in the conversation with your hearing care provider. 
  • Take Notes: One of you can focus on listening while the other takes notes. 
  • Post-Appointment Review: After the appointment, review the information together to ensure you both have the same understanding. 

Remember, the journey to better hearing is one best shared. Bringing a companion to your hearing appointments is more than just a comfort – it’s a strategy for success. 

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Gregory Frazer, PhD, AuD, CCC-A, ABA, NBC-HIS

Adjunct Professor UCSD/San Diego State U Audiology Program Adjunct Professor University of Pacific Audiology Program Adjunct Professor AT Still University Audiology Program Adjunct Professor Pacific University Audiology Program Dr. Gregory Frazer entered private practice Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing in 1982. For 14 years he owned and operated Hearing Care Associates, which had 23 offices and was one of the largest audiology private practices in the U.S. Dr. Frazer is a well-known clinician and teacher and was the first audiologist to obtain dual doctorates in Audiology, both a PhD. in Audiology as well as the new Clinical Doctorate of Audiology, the AuD. He is Board Certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, American Academy of Audiology, and the National Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Dr. Frazer specializes in the evaluation and treatment of vertigo, dizziness, and hearing and balance disorders. Dr. Frazer is experienced in working with infants, children, and adults. He is semi-fluent in Spanish and Sign Language.

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