Dr. Rachelefsky

Why a Highly-Decorated Immunologist Trusts Pacific Hearing, Inc. for Both His and His Family’s Hearing Care needs.


Dr. Rachelefsky was the director of the Executive Care Center for Asthma, Allergy, and Respiratory Diseases, professor of allergy and immunology, and associate director of the Allergy-Immunology Training Program at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

He was president of the Respiratory and Allergic Disease Foundation and has been a principal investigator of multiple clinical trials. He is the author or co-author of more than 160 peer-reviewed publications dealing with allergy, respiratory disorders, and immunology and has personally treated between 80,000 and 100,000 patients in his 40 years in medicine.

He first met Dr. Gregory Frazer when working alongside him to support patients with sinus and nasal disease around 25 years ago, with his first experiences of hearing loss occurring five years prior. But ten years later when feeling frustrated with his current hearing care provider, Dr. Rachelefsky shared his challenges with his physician and was referred to Dr. Greg at Pacific Hearing, Inc.

When asked what the difference was between Dr. Greg and his previous audiologists, Dr. Rachelefsky answered:

“He takes your history and delves into what you’re complaining about, adjusting your life tremendously by paying attention. He takes history as opposed to just doing a hearing test and shoving devices in your ears. He’s also very cognizant of the costs for individuals, but also he knows what’s best for his patients, and his understanding of the technology of hearing and the pathophysiology of hearing guides him to the best program for the patient. So, he adapts his diagnosis and his objective data to the device that helps the person. He just doesn’t knee-jerk it. He does it intelligently and in a very professional manner.”

Dr. Rachelefsky then shared an example of when Dr. Greg had gone above and beyond, and he promptly shared a powerful story:

“My granddaughter felt she wasn’t hearing right, which was affecting her schooling, yet when she had hearing tests, they were normal. She lives in Colorado and when she was here two years ago, I had Greg see her and he actually made a very astute diagnosis. He observed that her hearing was diminished only when there were other sounds. So, if you do a normal hearing test in a closed space and it was perfect, but as soon as you added some background noise, she couldn’t hear as well.

“He designed a hearing program and selected a hearing device for her. Her schoolwork went from average to super good and has changed her life. He’s not just someone who just says, ‘Oh, this is the device you use.’ He’s a thinking audiologist.”

“Hidden Hearing Loss” was discovered by Harvard Researchers in 2009. Harvard found that hearing care professionals would often encounter people who complain of hearing difficulties and trouble hearing in noise, but when tested, presented with hearing sensitivity and thresholds that were within “normal limits.” In 2018, Dr. Frazer and 23 University colleagues wrote a comprehensive article reviewing the audiological evidence regarding this unique population and treating them with sophisticated technology options—including hearing aids and wireless technology such as remote microphones—which have been proven to be extremely useful for enhancing their communication and quality of life.

When asked what Dr. Rachelefsky’s advice would be to somebody that is considering visiting Dr. Gregory Frazer to address their hearing challenges, his advice is that “you have to understand that a hearing device by itself is not the answer. Hearing aids by itself without a plan of how to adjust your life would be not successful.”

Dr G Rachelefsky Story

“He’s a thinking audiologist, working in an intelligent and professional manner.”

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