Linda M.

How The Team at Pacific Hearing, Inc. Helped a Local Woman Who Was Struggling With Her Hearing After Illness


I first experienced a hearing challenge when I had a really bad cold that went into my right ear, I had never been sick, never taken a day off from work due to illness, so ignored it and so after two weeks finally got well.

I went to ear specialist because my ears kept hurting and was told I had hearing loss! I had tried everything to try to get rid of ear pain, herbs, acupuncture, light treatments, cone to clean out ears…ears still hurt!

When my ears started ringing I went to Pacific Hearing to try to solve it and thought I’d better have hearing aids for both ears! Hearing aids have really helped. Dr Sofiya is totally the best at listening to my needs and trying to solve my problems.

I got the Lyric Phonak and I can turn them off when in loud noises! I have unusual hearing loss. Loud noises are too loud and can’t hear soft sounds like speech.

If you are experiencing hearing challenges and you’re looking for the right experts to work with then it’s your lucky day to find doctors that really care and listen to your needs and put you first!! I would recommend Pacific Hearing above any group and I’ve tried a lot before I found them! They are 10 out of 10.

Dr Sofiya is totally the best at listening to my needs and trying to solve my problems

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